2021 Visitor Guide





The safety and protection of our artists, vendors and patrons is of the utmost importance. We will be following ALL CDC and Larimer County Health Department guidelines to mitigate the spread of Covid 19.

ALL rules will be mandatory and inforced.

Art in the Park will be running at 50% capacity. The gate attendance will be limited and a wait to get in may occur. We will be posting live on FaceBook the enterance wait times. Follow us on Facebook: Loveland Art in the Park.

-Proper Face Covering will be mandatory at all times

-6 ft social distancing at all times, small family groups are allowed.

-We encourage frequant hand sanitizing

-ASK to touch merchandise. Vendor will assist you.

-There will be mandatory contract tracing at the gate. This is your name and phone number to be submitted to the Larimer County Health Department if there is a outbreak of the virus.




H5 Schuster Anna  @ AnnBop
  Stevens Karen A and I Wear
I7 Shoup Eric Aerosol Eric
F7 Albaka  Moussa Albaka Creations
A4 Velasquez Ramon Amigo Metal
B1 Velasquez Ramon Amigo Metal
C1 Ehrhardt Ellen Art of Curiosity Studio
A20 Robertson Steven Bees.photo
I3 Begay Ben Bend Degay's Fine Jewelry
I10 Healy Dawn Black Forest Designs
F5 Christian Sophie Bleu d'Olive
B3 Billow Brian Brian Billow
D8 Ballin Brook Brook Art
D11 Cahill Gary Cahill Studios Woodworking
A9 White Tavor Chews Happiness
J10 Thompson Chris Chris Thompson Bags
B2 Beck Cami Creations by Cami
J5 Harmon Maggie Creative Colo Crafts
I2 Duran William Crystal D'Ilusions
F8 Klein Janet Crystal Fantasies
F4 Chord Joyce Dakota Crafts
A11 Chord Joyce Dakota Crafts
A12 Chord Joyce Dakota Crafts
A13 Barber Dave DB Reality Rocks
H9 Yager Lyn Marquez Decadent Saint
H4 Wesolowski Leticia Dolce de Leti
K3 SPONSOR   Dreamstyle Remodeling
B5 Silver Dyanne Dyanne Silver
A14 Dorris Eric Eric Dorris Designs
J1 Peerce Rick Expressive Art
D5 Peerce Rick Expressive Art
E5 Eldridge Bridget Fairy Crafts
D4 Hingtgen Jim Foot Print Fine Art
A3 Anderson Sheila Fresh Baked Pottery
E3 Arens Andy FreshPaint
D6 Basch Jennifer From the Heart
H8 Anderson Kathy Golden Ram Metalsmithing
B4 May Amber Grace+Faith Creations
J3 Simpson Marsha Grammy's Stitchin
G9 Hannan Thomas Hannan Enterprises
K1 Corry Bill Hip Pocket
J9 Goin Angela Hope Photography
G8 Shamaya Alexandra Inspirations-ahs
D3 Jackson Alynn JacksonArts
A2 Schneider Travis Jade Fawley
G2 Arnold Jen Jennyfire Pottery
I5 Moseley Donn K-9 Kool Hats
I6 Tate Kandy Kandy Tate
A15 McWhorter Tammy Khaos Kraters
C2 Irving Krystin Ki Wyvern Crafts
G6 Willford Kassie Kickassie's Kreations
B6 Shea Cathi Klevercreations
J11 Lawton Lee Lee Artistry
I8 Fogle John Loveland Rotary Club
H1 Drake Linda Lunar Designs
J8 McIntyre Michael Mac's Copper Creations
E2 Rugg Mary Madd Hatter
J2 Mann Phylicia Mann Sculpture
F2 Kuck Cynthia Metal Art Work
K2 Krause Paul Metal Works by Paul
F1 Krause Paul Metal Works by Paul
G1 Taylor Mary Jo Morganas Closet
A17 Straka Chad Moxie Pet Portraits
I9 Conrad Kim Ms.
H2 Pearce Carolyn Mud Works
A16 Hanson Muriel Needle & Thread
C6 Ready Kathleen Our Place Sewing
C3 Kleess Mikel Pain Wizard
J6 Berry Donna Pastmore by Donns
G7 Konrade Paul Paul's to reflect
H3 Lea Sara Peace Crane Creations
F9 Velma Henry Phodax Lawn & Garden
B7 SPONSOR   Power Home Remodeling
F10 Krob M&J Reflections in Metal
A18 Krob M&J Reflections in Metal
A5 Cummisky Tim & Susan Rock Art
A6 Cummisky Tim & Susan Rock Art
A7 Boulger Rylan Rwood Pens
G3 Hanson Ginny Sak Saum
E4 Vanlemmeren Alexandra Salt Art Studio
F3 Park Sanders Sanders Park Photography
C7 Koral Michael Seven Barrels of Colo
H7 Payne Sompong sompongs designs
A8 Stanley Terry Stanley Sugarbush
D7 Strobel Sam Subconscious Design
J12 Mertz Loretta Swag-it Dresses
J4 Jones Jane  Sweet & Saucy
I1 Simpson Elza Switch-n-Gears
C5 Standley Jordanne Taspen's Organics
G4 SPONSOR Tyler Terry The Chiropractic Standard
G5 Burke Kiley Thunder & Twine
F6 Heusinkveld Mike To Market-To Market
A10 Puchan Troy TP Honey
I4 Sandoval James Traditions Past & Present
A1 Trimble Kristen Tumbles and Crafts
J7 Thompson Valley Art League   TVAL
D1 Thompson Valley Art League   TVAL
D2 Thompson Valley Art League   TVAL
E1 Castro Angie UpamperU
C4 Garber Valarie Val Garber Ceramics
A21 Artist Name   Vendor 
Booth # Windsor Drama   WATER BOOTH
H6 Crawford David Wild West Designs
D9 Crawford David Wild West Designs
D10 Kaiser Jeremy Wildfire Craft